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Soundport is the studio I'm running together with Mattias Lundberg. Based in Ulricehamn, Sweden, this professional studio houses two dedicated recording rooms, studio A and studio B.


Studio A is an airy and big room with a fantastic natural reverb, ideal for recording drums. Studio B is a tight ”dead room” with no reverb at all. Ideal to record amps and tight vocals etc. We offer live or one-on-one recordings but most common a hybrid of the two. We also got connections to all other rooms in the studio facilities. We can record in up to 7 rooms at the same time. So if you're in to live recordings with no leakage, you have come to the right studio.

The studio also offers free accommodations for our clients, consisting of a large bedroom/lounge for six persons, WC and a kitchen. The surrounding central Ulricehamn houses several cafés and restaurants of different cuisines, although MRG brews one af the best coffees in town. Comfort guaranteed!



Mine (x2)



JBL 4311

Yamaha NS10

Yamaha HS7

DAW & Conversion:

Logic Pro  X

Pro Tools 12

Cubase 7.5

Antelope Orion 32



AKG C214

AKG D112

Aston Spirit

Audix i5

Audix D6

Oktava MK 012-01

sE Electronics X1R

Sennheiser MD-21

Sennheiser MD-421

Sennheiser e906

Sennheiser e902

Shure SM57

Shure Beta 58

Shure SM7

T-bone RB100

T-bone RB500

Plus many more


Otari MTR-90 24ch tape recorder

Neve 1173 Preamps

UAD 2-610 Preamp

dbx 165 Compressor

Urei 1176 Clone

Teletronix LA2A Clone

Pultec EQ1A Clone

dbx 163 Compressors

Valley People Dynamite Stereo Compressor


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